XTERRA JAPAN 2024 Nenouekogen

Service closed. Thank you for visiting.
*The service charge in the parenthesis is included in the fee.

Important Notice

    Registration period:
    1: Early bird:2023/11/1 to 2023/11/15
    2:Regular entry: 2023/11/16 to 2024/3/15 *Extended until 2024/03/25

    3:Late entry:2023/3/26 to 2023/4/10 *Late entries are accepted by the secretariat*
    (*meaning that late entries are accepted only by contacting directly to the event organizer. "WEB" entry is not accepted)
    Please contact XTERRA JAPAN office via email during the rgistration period.
    XTERRA JAPAN office: infoxterrajapan@gmail.com

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